Re: New 3rd brake light
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Re: New 3rd brake light

On Friday, 17 October 2014 21:30:04 UTC-7, Doug J wrote:
Then you better put it at the top of the rear glass.

Yup. Higher = better. But even at the bottom of the backglass, 3rd brake light is better than no 3rd brake light.
  Still think a strobe would be better

Nope. A flashing brake light does not reduce crashes, it causes them. This is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact borne out by crash data and extensive research.

I've had sooooooooo many people tell me how they saw my strobe light

Yeah, people love to describe what they think they saw/felt/heard/otherwise perceived. We love to think of ourselves as walking, talking video cameras. We're not. Usually what happened isn't what we think we saw happen. Not because we're lying to ourselves or trying to fool anyone, just because of how we humans are wired up.

But ya know,, it's like oil and tires.

Nope, it's not. A person's choice of oil doesn't affect anyone but that person. Vehicle lights are life safety equipment that affects not only the car's occupants but also everyone else sharing road space with that car. This is why we have international and federal lighting codes, and why it is very foolish (not to mention illegal) to alter the standard function of a vehicle lighting device. 
I've never had shit from a cop about my strobes on the bike

Yeah, I file that with "I drive around with my high beams on and nobody ever flashes me".  Doesn't mean anything.

Sorry, man -- there are areas where there are right and wrong answers, and this is one.


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