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Re: December 2014 Mopar of the Month

Yes, that Barracuda was quite a Mopar. The 273-powered Fish launched at 6000 rpm and went 12.56 at 111 mph in F/SA back then. The Goldfish actually beat the 1965 Hurst Hemi Under Glass Barracuda in match races. :)  

Hot Rod, Car Craft, Popular Hot Rodding, Hi-Performance Cars, and several other magazines all did feature articles about the Goldfish back in the day when the Barracuda was running. Because of the crazy copyright laws now in place I don't think there are any legal copies of the full articles posted on the Web. But if you e-mail Bruce, the restorer of the Goldfish, I'm sure he can tell you the exact magazine issues the Barracuda was featured in back then. And/or have him give you his phone number and call and gab. He enjoys sharing information about the Goldfish.

Gary H.

>  -------Original Message-------
>  Gary,
>  Thanks for the "Goldfish" Mopar of the Month writeup and links to
>  earlier articles.  I've gotta confess that I was much more a fan of the
>  early Darts than of the barracudas (still am, for that matter). But the
>  historical
>  aspect of this Mopar of the Month is much appreciated.  I would still
>  like to know more about this particular car in its original build and
>  race history.  Were there any magazine articles at the time with details
>  of the project,
>  and are there any links to such.  Maybe the book you linked to has all
>  the info there is, but ya know...Inquiring minds want to know.
>  BC
>    12/1/2014 8:03 AM, Gary H. wrote:
>  > Hi all,
>  >
>  > A 1965 Plymouth Barracuda "Goldfish" is December 2014’s Mopar of the Month. ..

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