Re: Poly Oil Filter w/ TTI Headers
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Re: Poly Oil Filter w/ TTI Headers

Seems to me that I can get the same result of the fancy Canton oil filter plate by putting mine in my drill press and adding 4 holes...correct?

Not to hijack my own thread, but something that just dawned on me is that the trans to engine braces will likely not be able to be used with the TTI headers. Can anyone confirm?

Bill M
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On Sat, Jan 24, 2015 at 4:51 PM, <furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just don't know why vendors don't include the Poly when items will work. Maybe with some renewed interest in this engine thinking will change for the better and we will see changes in catalogs and websites.
Nick T.

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Thanks for the update Nick. I did not mean to dis the vendor; just point out the catalogs of many vendors fail to include applications for the Poly. This case it seems it was intentional:  "anyone building one [a Poly] would know what  parts are interchangeable." They seem to sell quality items.

By " He said they don't see any completion Polys" ... I think you mean competition Polys?

Gary H.

>  -------Original Message-------
>  When my engine was built the filter was changed to a Pure Power remote
>  filter system. It took up to much room in the engine compartment and did
>  not look good. I no longer had the original filter plate so I went to
>  Canton Racing which is only a half hour drive. The sales rep. knew what I
>  needed and handed me a unit for a small block wedge and said this will
>  handle more than 3 times the oil flow. Most all their parts are made for
>  circle track racing, quality parts for big dollar racing engines. He said
>  they don't see any completion Polys but anyone building one would know what
>  parts are interchangeable. Very friendly place too. Just think, drive
>  another 15 minutes and your at Moroso's showroom for more fun parts not
>  listed under Poly.
>  Nick T.



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