Re: Bolt broke off Inside Hole
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Re: Bolt broke off Inside Hole

What I am going to do is use a 1/4" and then a 5/16" left hand drills to try to get it out. I will have the 1/4" drill centered in the hole with a bronze sleeve to start.  Lots of thread loosening products between now and Sunday when I give it a try.  If that doesn't spin it out, the last thing will be a cobalt bolt extractor from Sears. Everything is very high grade steel. None of that cheap Harbor Freight stuff.
Akron Don Gallimore

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Subject: Re: Bolt broke off Inside Hole

Yeah, there are times that I resort to enlarging and re-taping after,
obsessive blockhead that I am, I have tried everything else.  Actually (as I
have aged) I tend to use a heli-coil inserts to keep the bolt sizes correct.

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I wouldn't use the ease out. Most bolts won't come out using it. The
worst thing about using one is, if it breaks off while twisting, you
are screwed. You won't be able to drill it out if you break it off.
I'd drill it out and re-tap the hole.


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> If you're questioning how sharp you drill bits are just try drilling into
> a
> piece of scrap piece of steel on your workbench and see what happens.  It
> is quite possible that the bolt you are trying to drill is a grade 8.  In
> that case you're going to need a really good bit as MO suggested.  Also
> use
> that centerpunch as others have suggested.  When using an easy out make
> sure that the hole is undersized enough so that you have to drive the easy
> out into the hole with a light hammer.
> Paul L.
> On Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 5:09:29 PM UTC-6, Donald Gallimore
> wrote:
>> I have a 3/8 bolt broken off inside the hole about a 1/3". This is the
>> bolt that holds the alternator to the head. I suspect it's bottomed out.
>> I've tried a left hand drill bit and a Craftsman Drill-Out and I am not
>> removing any metal. I'd sure like to not have to pull the head to remove
>> it.
>> I'm no drill bit guru but the bits seem to be sharp.
>> Any suggestions or help anyone can offer? Is it more than drill straight
>> in to get the hole started or what?
>> Akron Don Gallimore

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