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Re: Too Much Voltage

Hi Guys!

Thanks so much to Steve, and Big Z and Bill (in Bloomington, IN I think).

I'm happy to post I'm on the right track! As Zephyr suggested I started going through grounding today. I changed the battery ground to a stud from the exhaust manifold. I had replaced all the grounds when I first got the car, but changing the location for this one seemed to do the trick.

I had tried several gauges and got comparable readings.

Latest news, I have finished going over all grounding and at first got 15.2V when I started the car. I applied some load and things started to drop. It seems the warmer the car got (battery maybe) the lower the readings got! By the time the car got warm, I was getting a constant 14.8 and still dropping.

I'm comfortable with driving the car now and will continue to look for more grounding.

New battery sitting there if needed!


On Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 8:53:08 AM UTC-4, carv...@xxxxxxx wrote:
Yes, it's me again. I posted earlier about concerns over discovering 15.8 V at the battery while using my new multi function timing light. After a lot of changes, I'm back where I started! I'll recap what I've done:
1) Installed Power Master 90 Amp Retro # # 17509 Alternator
2) Replaced charge wire with 8 AWG wire and routed it to the battery stud of the starter relay as suggested in many Mopar sites to bypass the ammeter.
3) Checked voltage at Idle and got 14.5 V across the battery terminals.

This all happened last fall and all was good!

This winter I added a lot of "Bling" under the hood to keep the Alternator company. Such as Edelbrock Aluminum Performer Intake, Edelbrock AVS Thunder 650 CFM carb etc..Plus a Wizard Cooling Custom Aluminum radiator (which didn't fit) :-(.
All these changes required a new Bouchillon Performance throttle bracket and kickdown cable.

So this spring I'm getting all this dialed in and I plug in my timing light and discover 15.8 V while setting timing etc.
1) I'm concerned so I verify correct reading by checking with a multimeter...I get 15.8V
2) I replace the Voltage Regulator with a new solid state unit..... No change!
3) I call Powermaster and they suggest adding an additional ground from the extra field terminal to the block..done! No change!
4) I call Powermaster, they say return the Alternator, so I take it off and ship it back.
5) I scrounge around and find the old alternator and put it back on.... NO Change! 15.8V
6) I've load tested the battery and it checks OK but I'm probably going to replace it today anyway.

Any other suggestions from the group??

I'll post a link to some visuals next.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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