New swap meet listings
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New swap meet listings

Hi all,

Below is a review of the latest additions to the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Swap Meet Page.

Reminder: In the past I sent this "heads up" notice about the new ads to Clubhouse members as soon as I put the ads on the Swap Meet Page.

Now I post the listings here first, then upload the ads to the Swap Meet Page a day or two *after* they get listed here.

Thus Clubhouse members get a longer "first shot" at the listings as a membership perk. :)

Use to see the swap meet.

Gary H.

For Sale 1965 Plymouth  Belvedere I, project car, build your A990 super stock clone. 2 door post, 3 on the tree Manual transmission, with 273 V8. needs work. Was running and driving few years ago, ran when parked. have original keys. Have new front parts, needs floors replaced, body is pretty solid and straight.
Have fenders, grill, no front bumper, good rear bumper. Clear title, call, text or email for questions and pictures. Salt Lake City. Eight zero one 201 6861 (May 13, 2015)

For sale: 1963 383 HP engine from model 330 4 door with  65,000 original miles, complete from air cleaner to oil pan,   original high flow exhaust manifolds for that year still attached. Pulleys and water pump and alternator, and power steering pump still attached. Original 4 barrel  carburetor and intake with single snorkel air cleaner.  Motor has never been apart to my knowledge. Engine i.d. behind alternator is   V HP- 16951C (the C may be a badly stamped 0,, but it really looks like a C). Has been in my heated shop for about 35 years. Sorry, sold the push button automatic years ago. Car was equipped like a police car, factory duals, front seat belts, bench seat, ps, pb, hd radiator, 3;23 SureGrip, hd torsion bars. 2205968 MW factory 4 bbl intake,  double crank pulley, single pulley alternator. Throttle cable still attached with intake brackets  and return spring still there. Appears all ignition wire hold downs and factory clips intact. 4 bolt valve covers. I think I have an extra set of rockers and pedestals for this style motor, which I can throw in if I still have it. The motor is tucked away under redirack shelving. I will try to pull it out so I can read the block casting numbers. My price on the motor is $1700.00 U.S. I would consider trades for 1971 Dodge Charger R/T stuff (rust free front fenders, ram air hood, hide away headlights for 71, not 72, shark gill doors for 71 R/T). I can palletize the motor for shipping and will supply a 2 by 12 rectangular base for it to be strapped down with. I live 70 miles above the Montana Alberta border, and travel to the border to pick up parts I order from the U.S. Phone Brian, four zero three 308 1963 MST (daylight savings time).(May 13, 2015)

for sale: 4 speed pedal assembly from 1963 Dodge model 330 body. $275.00 U.S. Phone Brian at four zero three 308 1963, Lethbridge, Alberta Canada MST (daylight savings time) (May 13, 2015)

For sale 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 2 door hardtop (original 318 car) solid body, no accidents, original medium greenish turquoise (original Chrysler color, car never painted) with white roof. Body shop messed up slight rust repair in right rear quarter wheel lip, puttied and sculpted it instead of using metal I supplied. Push button automatic removed as well as  corresponding dash controls. Car now has a rebuilt 400 with factory 343 hp rare dual 4 barrel intake. Edelbrock carbs can be supplied. 1969 A833 4 speed and rebuilt 11 inch clutch,  new driveshaft which is 1 inch too long. Front suspension was completely dismantled, painted gloss black, and rebuilt with Moog components. Chrysler factory disc brakes were rebuilt, detailed and installed. A 1968 B body 8 3/4 differential was installed with a non SureGrip center section (3:23 I believe), air shocks supplied, rear brakes completely  renewed. Diff and backing plates sandblasted and painted black.  A new 3 inch  exhaust system with new HP mufflers installed  with tailpipes exiting under rear bumper. Hedman headers (Brand new, 1 7/8 I believe), left side was modified at muffler shop by cutting one pipe and  rerouting it to clear the new hi torque mini starter, nice work done. Chroming done on power steering canister, pulleys, valve covers and a few other engine components (poor chrome quality). New Trans Dapt dual 4  air cleaner (much better ones out there now). The engine bay and trunk were sand blasted and sprayed 1993 Chrysler Fire Red. I installed a factory brake booster for power brakes, new master cylinder leaked right away, DOT 5 brake fluid used. Power steering installed. Torsion bars are from 1963 383 car. Left rear corner of hood slightly bent by curious onlookers lifting it without hood hinges attached.  Have some rubber components for sealing doors in trunk. Steering column proper one for power steering car, not bolted in tightly (took 3 columns to make one). Front floor pan very  solid, one spot where drivers foot would drip melted snow from Canadian winters and four speed tunnel  not included (transmission is partly visible from interior). 4 speed pedals are proper ones for this car, I have a set for a 1963 as well. Rear floor pan solid, trunk pan is solid. Tiny bit of metal to replace on drivers door underneath mirror. All the chrome is there for this car and in very nice shape, but not on the car. The front bumper has a very rare cross bar like a nerf bar with rubber strip, I have never seen on another Sport Fury or Fury or Belvedere. This car was bought new in my city, Lethbridge Alberta, and I personally know the original owner. Motor was rebuilt in 1991 with all new components has never been fired,  does  not turn over at this point, I have not tried very hard to loosen it. It was built as a very mild cruiser with slightly less than a street hemi cam. I can supply other 400 blocks or 440 engines with this car. Hurst shifter on transmission with rods, do not have shifter handle. I have the bucket seats for this car (I might actually have another pair) and I located a console without the top plate. Down the  road I purchased a console 4 speed top plate for the car when they were  still obsolete.   Radial TA tires brand new at the time but at this point just rollers on Cragar SS 14 inch rims, chrome will not be good after this many years in storage. Car was in my heated shop till 6 years ago. Have list of parts totaling $14,400 dollars into this car, will take less considering motor will have to come apart.  $7500.00 U.S. as is. If interested phone Brian four zero three 308 1963, Lethbridge Alberta, and discuss details and options. (May 13, 2015)

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