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B M <polara1964@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:17PM

has anybody any experience with Scarebird discbrake conversion kits?
thanks, Bert.
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 05:35PM -0500

Quite a few. I know Ollie liked his.
<arnsr@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 05:58PM -0500

mine worked out very good
tony n
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B M <polara1964@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Aug 01 12:23AM

sounds good , and did you guys use the "budget", fitting the 14"rims?
thanks again
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Scott Preston <penstarperformance@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 08:44PM -0400

I have a front set up on my C body 452 motor chrysler 300,no problems.Just
make sure you do not by cheap parts as they fail really quick,mrmopartech
450 424 0445/514 659 0445
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Electronic distributor
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 08:41AM -0500

What brand / type of electronic ignition do you have?
Gary H.
Mark Hendren <gooberdude30@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:20AM -0700

http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=191015015787&alt=web This is the dist. I purchased.
Mark Hendren <gooberdude30@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:21AM -0700

I don't think the link worked.
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 12:24PM -0500

What is the brand?
Mark Hendren <gooberdude30@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:26AM -0700

It says the dist. brand is Top Street performance. The seller goes by theswapmeetparts.
Mark Hendren <gooberdude30@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:27AM -0700

On eBay.
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 12:28PM -0500

Hmm? Unfamiliar but most likely just a name tacked on another brand.
However if it's for a small block Mopar it should work. I couldn't get the
link to open either.
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 01:41PM -0500

Try this link:

or this one:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/191271549151 is a black distributor version.
I've not heard of the ...more
Dodger7998@xxxxxxx: Jul 31 03:40PM -0400

I have purchased a similar unit for my big block through 440 source, there
is no reason why it should not work as long as it is timed properly

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"Roland Osborne" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 03:06PM -0500

I've been in this business for over 40 years... We were one of the original Direct Connection warehouse distributors signing on in 1977... The Mopar electronic ignition kits have ALWAYS been the go-to ...more
Herb <zephyr9900@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 07:20PM -0500

A little FYI, MoPar sells / sold an adapter & hold down that facilitated the
use of a RB distributor in a B block. SO, you buy a RB distributor for all
Big Block applications. I have a couple of ...more
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383 Heater connections on water pump
Jim Altemose <jaltemoose@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 03:47PM -0400

I can check my 63 Polara 500 with 383. Still need the info?
- Jim
On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 11:25 PM, dennis.1963ply <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>
- Jim
Jim Altemose, Long ...more
"dennis.1963ply" <dennis.1963ply@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 04:02PM -0700

If it is just a matter of popping the hood and looking that would be nice,
but I think I have it, this is what I have based on Google searches and a
picture sent to me by Gary H:
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Ken's Plymouth (was Re: Poly Stroker Update)
Ken Crumley <ken.crumley@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 05:22PM -0400

That's sorta what I am thinking as far as the reinstall...my primary goal is to have a set your butt back in the seat acceleration (lots of torque), good stopping and handling, but can be driven in ...more
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How best to raise back end?
Jim Altemose <jaltemoose@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 04:02PM -0400

I re-arched my 63 Polara 500 springs a few years back and it went great. I
measured from ground to the top of the wheel well. Then jacked it to where
I want and measured again. Took off the ...more
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Friday puzzlers 7-31-15
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 07:17AM -0500

Happy Friday all,
Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my ...more
Cory Rempel <cory_383@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 07:10AM -0600

Having only looked at the first one cuz of the "great patina" comment, I can say that the "patina" word is being used way too often by people trying to sell an obvious rust bucket. I've seen pretty ...more
Bob <64ragtop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 10:49AM -0500

And, as ol' Hank Williams sang: "My bucket's got a hole in it!" Actually
several holes, it seems...:-D
On 7/31/2015 8:10 AM, Cory Rempel wrote:
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part # 2358220
Christopher Kroncke <g2c808@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 30 08:42PM -0700

Aloha my fine Mopar friends. So how would I go about finding or buying Part
# 2358220. Its a vinyl piece for my 63 Ply. Spt. Fury. convertible that I
seen to be missing. I thank you for your help ...more
"DAVID ORR" <fe2orr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 09:44AM -0400

First I would check with Joe Suchy and see what he has. He is on the sites vendor list and he has mainly cars and parts for 63,64,65 cars Dave O
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motor on stand.
Steve Mick <micher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Jul 31 01:20AM -0500

That kind of engine stand was the cheapest thing made ---for a wuss small
block chevy. I absolutly would not trust rotating an engine mounted that
high on a stand............................MO
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Dustless blasting
"mrrodder@xxxxxxxxx" <mrrodder@xxxxxxxxx>: Jul 30 07:37PM -0700

I will be interested in the quality as well, also the price as I'm
considering having it done too.
I will take before and after. and a video...should be interesting.
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