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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 14 updates in 2 topics

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Looking for1962 Plymouth Fury Conv Floor and Trunk Pans Source
hmsevans@xxxxxxx: Oct 14 05:29PM -0400

I just picked up my 62 from the Dry Stripper.
Body is in Good shape ,but need some repair in the floor pans and the trunk center, Also the Trunk rear edge lip.
Could use a good source of quality ...more
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Parking Brake
ALIENVOICE@xxxxxxx: Oct 14 12:00AM -0400

This may sound weird, but how does the parking brake work on a 64 Fury? I
see the pedal, but is there a release, or is it released by stepping on
it? Or, is it set to release when the ...more
Dodger7998@xxxxxxx: Oct 14 02:28AM -0400

going by memory, but as I recall, there is a knob coming out of dash about
inline with the pedal, was thinking it says brake release on it, knob
looks like the rest of knobs on dash,,,,,,,,, e ...more
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Oct 14 11:44AM

Larry, does it look like this...
Nick T. 
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From: "ALIENVOICE via The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse" <1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ...more
Jimmy Peavy <peaver63@xxxxxxxxx>: Oct 14 07:34AM -0500

should be a release knob on the dash
On 10/13/15, ALIENVOICE via The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse
"DAVID ORR" <fe2orr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Oct 14 10:19AM -0400

Knob on lower dash above park peddle releases brake Dave O
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From: furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: "1962to1965mopars" <1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ...more
gto64gto@xxxxxxxx: Oct 14 11:16AM -0400

On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 07:34:51 -0500
"knud erik bergstein holm" <kebh@xxxxx>: Oct 14 05:31PM +0200

Having a beer, and some thoughts
ALIENVOICE@xxxxxxx: Oct 14 11:57AM -0400

Yes. But does that release the parking brake, or is that a brake for the
transmission? Never was sure.


In a message dated 10/14/2015 7:44:39 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ...more
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Oct 14 04:44PM

This releases the parking brake foot pedal. The emergency brake is a cable with tension applied by the foot pedal to apply the rear brakes manually. The knob on the dash will release the tension. ...more
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Oct 14 04:50PM

Let me rewrite one sentence..
The Park Lever on the dash operates a cable to the Park Lock Assembly on the tranny. It is a separate system from your parking brake. The parking brake should be ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Oct 14 04:55PM

’62 was first year of aluminum case 727. Conventional parking brake to the rear wheels. You do want to remember to release it. My new-ish rear drums would grab ans squeak in a spot every rotation ...more
george smith <bt6t4@xxxxxxxxx>: Oct 14 10:03AM -0700

Sounds like you're missing pieces under the dash. Maybe even under the car. You need to look at a 64 manual for a concise view.Missing the Knob on the dash,the rod for the release to the mechanism. ...more
Bill Watson <chrycoman@xxxxxxxxx>: Oct 14 01:38PM -0700

1962 was the year the A727 came out, but having a 727 in a1962 does not
mean the parking brakes are on the rear wheels. The manufacturer of the
brakes determines where the parking brake is.
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