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Abridged summary of 1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 9 updates in 2 topics

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Starting issues
James Hunt <jshunt41@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 28 07:16AM -0800

Hello everyone,
The car is 1 month new to me with little history of repairs
Very well behaved for a unrestored 53 yr old 61k mi. daily driver.
I noticed that after a few days of sitting, the car ...more
Bill M <y1topbanana73@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 28 11:58AM -0500

I have the same issue and never really worried about it . My guess is its a
fuel pump age issue.
Bill M
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Feb 28 05:32PM

Since you car is 53, and uses a mechanical fuel pump that feed a carburetor, your starting issue is most likely cause by CEF, Crap Ethanol Fuel. This not a problem, it's normal. ...more
carverex@xxxxxxx: Feb 28 10:01AM -0800

Hi James
Do you depress or even pump the accelerator a few times after the car has
set a few days? A couple of good squirts from the accelerator pump should
get you running until the fuel pump ...more
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Feb 28 12:47PM -0600

This is the normal for our carbureted engines these days. The fuel
evaporates rapidly out of the carb and especially if you don't have an
insulator between the carb and the manifold. ...more
usaafb17g@xxxxxx: Feb 28 03:51PM -0500

Restoring my '64 Savoy, when it comes time to do the start up, new fuel lines, new fuel pump, fuel lines to gas filter, and a rebuilt AFB, all dry. How do you prime to gas from the tank to the carb. ...more
carverex@xxxxxxx: Feb 28 01:37PM -0800

Responding to the new question in this thread about 1st start with a dry
carb bowl and fuel lines, I used a squeeze Ketchup bottle filled with fresh
fuel to fill the bowl of my new Edelbrock AVS. ...more
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carverex@xxxxxxx: Feb 28 06:07AM -0800

You guys may have seen this, or may be totally turned off by the Engine,
but hey, it's still winter and it helps pass the time. And the Charger is
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Feb 28 09:37AM -0600

Here's more on that $68,000 crate engine.
Which makes buying or building a Mopar B, RB, ...more
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