Re: [GFS] Rear shocks
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Re: [GFS] Rear shocks

I used NAPA #94050  Shocks, I do not know the length.
               Paul Schmidt
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From: Glenn Barrat <FURY@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: GFS <goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001 8:48 PM
Subject: [GFS] Rear shocks

>Hi Gang...
>I am wondering if anyone on the List can let me know what length my rear
>shocks are supposed to be.
>My 57 Fury had air shocks, so had been replaced before-I am restoring my
>car as concours as possible, so I ordered some from USA. They look nice
>and fit the mounting studs, but the rear shocks are short of the
>mounting studs by a good 3/4 inch at full extension.
>Now my chassis is just a frame (body off frame resto) with the diff,
>springs at the rear-nothing else.
>Do you think that having the body on the frame would be enough for these
>shocks to fit my car? With the body sitting next to the chassis on a
>frame on wheels, I can lift the rear quarter/trunk area off the frame
>with one hand, and I'm not Steve Austin, so it's not that heavy.
>Wouldn't that mean that when it bottomed out, that the shocks would be
>bottomed out first (if you know what I mean), or have I somehow ended up
>with the wrong length shocks at the rear?
>The manual is no help-it does not tell me what length I should have. And
>unless someone else with a 57 or 58 Fury happened to have their shocks
>out, then likely they would not be able to tell me the length of their
>Also if anyone on the List has a dashboard on it's way to resembling a
>toast rack, as so many I have seen are, then you might want to check out
>Reproduced by Claude Leech (since retired) of Dashboard Restorations,
>and a finer repro you will not see-guaranteed.
>I did a run of 6. 4 have now been bought and paid for. And they should
>help to pay for some more chemo for my Fury body.
>Glenn Barratt,
>57 Fury.
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