[GFS] '58 Fury Progress report
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[GFS] '58 Fury Progress report

Hello, and Happy New Year fellow GFS'ers!

Little progress has been made on the '58 since my last post, however 
there have been a few steps worth noting.

I bit the bullet and had the caburetors professionally rebuilt. It 
cost me a pretty penny, but boy do they look sharp! The only thing is 
now they look almost TOO clean!

I laid down a OSB sub-floor over my crappy excuse for concrete in the 
garage, over a plastic vapor barrier, and urethaned the s$%t out of 
it for a decent working surface to park it on. Thus, the Fury has 
been sitting outside while this was done.

I didn't want to put the carbies back on until I had dropped the fuel 
tank and cleaned/sealed it, but I couldn't stand it being outside any 
loger. (my driveway is uphill, and I don't know enough big guys to 
push a Fury uphill!)  So, last night under the stars and in the 15 
degree air, I put'em back on, added some fresh gas with Instead-a-
Lead and Sta-Bil, and cranked, and cranked, and primed, and 
cranked... well, you get the picture. 

Finally the beast came to life, with so much smoke I thought it was 
on fire.  I used the e-brake, and lots of upper-body muscle (no power 
steering pump yet), and got the mighty beast turned around and backed 
into it's new stall.

At this point I'm seriously contemplating limping or towing the thing 
down to a hot-rod shop a few blocks away, giving them the parts it 
needs, and telling them "make it drive".  This is just to damm cold 
to be out working in! They're a really cool shop, and I need to have 
them tune those carbs for me anyway... hmmm

Well, no matter what I decide, I still need a few parts, and am 
having trouble tracking them down.  If anyone can help, I need part 
numbers and suppliers for the following items:

Shocks front & rear
Brakes - shoes, cylinders, springs, etc. all around
rear leaf springs
where to get good exhaust goodies (mufflers, tailpipe, etc)

Anything else I think I have covered.  Really doesn't need much else 
to get on teh road anyway.

All help is appreciated!


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