[GFS] Fw: Golden Fin
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[GFS] Fw: Golden Fin

Hi Rick,

Will send your note off to our Golden Fin List and to a Fury owner I know
needs one of the items on your list.  Should your original message not
through on the list, will try to let them know generally what you have and
how to contact you.


Jack Lewis

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Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2002 8:29 AM
Subject: Golden Fin

> Hi, just to let you know, I have some hard to find '58 Fury/Christine
> memoribila stuff.
> Unfornitually, I'm on the 'right' side of the US from you.
> But anyway, what I'd like to do, is TRADE ALL of this Fury stuff I have
for a
> decent '57-'59 Chry/DeS Convtertible (only) parts car.  I'm interisted
> of the convt components.  The rest of the car is unimportant.  Well,
> than the front and rear suspension with some wheels, so I can drag it up
on a
> trailer.  You know what I mean.
> Lets see if  I can remember what parts I have.  On the Christine stuff,
> easier to tell you what I DON'T have, than rattle on about what I do
> don't have the actual 16mm movie.  It's illegle to own in private hands.
> However, I DO have the trailer.  I don't have the Donald Grant edition
> book.  However I DO have the dust jacket.  I don't have the cast/crew
>  However I DO have both shirts.  I don't have the soundtrack on
> However I DO have all of the other recordings.  One CD is VERY RARE!  I
> have the official Christine key ring.
> Everything else Christine, I have!
> I have front and rear bumpers, need re-chromed, with the WING GUARDS and
> elusive little clips!  Lets see, I have two 350's.  One, a factory
> motor has been re-built, $2,700 1983-5 dollars!  Had to send out there
> Calif and get pistons made.  The second 350, complete, fan to emergency
> brake, is a 2 bbl motor.  (parts motor for the Fury stick motor)  Two
> intakes, no carbs, well none that are any good.  Two sets of linkages.
> can't remember, two fuel blocks (?)  Set and a half of air cleaners.
> Fury titles.  Colorado, 318 car.  West Virginia, 350 'stick' car.  Also
> motor and title LP2 80606 was bought new,and 'supposed' to been used a
> times on his TV show,  Gail Sikles (long 'i'), stage name, Craig
> Peter Gunn!
> I spent close to 14 years trying to get ahold of him, and couldn't do
> guess that since I 'dumpster dive' I'm not important enough.
> I have, I think a complete Fury interior.  Good for patterns and the
> seat 'dip'.
> The intrerior is in a old shed here.  There are great big snakes in
> don't care if you give me TWO parts cars, I 'ain't a goin' in there,
unless I
> got a flame thrower!  LOL
> Anyway, I'm probably forgetting some items, it all goes.
> I would rather trade than sell this stuff.  I have several allready
> to buy the good stuff, guards, aircleaners stuff like that.
> Anybody out there know where there is one of those convt parts cars I'm
> looking for, sittin' in someone's shed? Lets trade!
> Thanks, for letting me bend yer ear,  take care,   Rick
> Oh by the way, you all out there wouldn't heppen to have any moonshine
> sale would you? If not, you wanna buy any?

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