[GFS] Re: oil pressure sender
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[GFS] Re: oil pressure sender

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, rgwhelansr@xxxx wrote:
> All 57-58 Plymouths I have seen came with idiot lights for oil 
pressure and 
> amps. Possibly your gauge was added later and never connected? 
Check it out! 
> Dick

Hey Dick,

I've actually got idiot lights...  but additionally in the spaces 
below the temp gauge, and fuel gauge, I have a voltmeter and oil 
pressure gauge, respectively. they look absolutely correct for the 
panel.  I would astounded if they were not factory, or at least some 
sort of factory optional equipment.

I'm working on posting some pictures of the car and the projects up 
to the Yahoo group site, so stay tuned!

Working on the panel this weekend turned out to be a cruel Chrysler 
joke of some sort.  Not only is it impossible for a non double-
jointed person to get to this stuff, but all the wires are about and 
inch too short!  I mean there is *NO* slack at all on these things.  
Had to yank them all out to get the panel out of the dash, and I'll 
have to re-wire the whole shootin' match to get it back in.

Also, what's up with fuses?  I haven't found a singe one anywhere, 
yet!  If you had a short in your wiring in the 50's did your car just 
burn to the ground or what?

Tonight I'm stopping off at the auto parts store for some plug 
connectors and a lable maker, and making a nice organized harness for 
this thing - with plenty of slack in it!  And a fuse block I can hide 
somewhere too!

Oh, and my charging woes - after spending about 6 hours futzing with 
the new regulator with no success, it turned out to be a dirty 
commutator!  arrgh!!!  of course after I figured that out, I had 
already jacked-up the adjustments of the regulator and have to fix 
that now...

Another thing my car has that I've never seen before, is a 4-way 
flasher to the left of the headlight switch.  It was spliced into the 
wires for the turn indicators under the dash - another reason it was 
so hard to get at anything down there - and has a knob that lights up 
red, with a relay that plugs right into the back of it.  The guy I 
bought the car from says it was a California requirement thing, but 
I've never seen one on even California Plymouths.  Not sure it's 
too "original" looking either.

Figured out what that strange pedal down by the high-beam switch was 
for too.  Hit it with my head and damm near sliced my hand off - 
w/the wiper linkage - which was digging around up by the dash panel 
at the time. Scared the bejesus outta me!

I musta been a sight to see - lying on my back on the front seat, 
legs up over the backrest, horn honking every time I try to move, and 
the wipers and turn signals activating at random intervals...  
Christine lives!  lol


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