Re: [GFS] Rocker panel drain holes
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Re: [GFS] Rocker panel drain holes

This is the detailed answer I have been looking for.
It is a direct match with other observant ForwardLookers Owen Grigg and good friend Ed Eckerson,
whose dimensions match these that you have supplied exactly.
Right down to the fact that the first hole closest to the fender is a straight drilled hole of a
larger diameter, and not flared
Just 1 more question before I go to work on my rocker drains-where you mention that the flared holes
are positioned "outboard 7/8 inches from the flange"...are you talking about the edge of the hole or
the centre of the hole, and the "flange" you are talking about is the 90 degree return of rocker
metal that points straight down to the ground?
This is awesome detective work Art, and I truly appreciate it.
Thanks again!

ArthurWLinden@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Glenn,
> Here's what I found on my Fury:
> One 3/4in hole, centerline located 6 3/4 inches back from the rocker panel
> seam under the front of the door, and outboard 15/16th inch from the flange.
> Four 1/2 inch holes with centerlines located 20 5/8, 34 3/4, 48 3/4, and 62
> 3/4 back from the seam, and outboard 7/8 inches from the flange.
> Now here's the tricky part - on the 1/2 inch holes, the metal in front of the
> holes is deflected down, presumably to avoid water from the wheels splashing
> in.  The deflected metal is a little hard to describe, but I'll try.  Starting
> 1/2 inch ahead of the hole the metal is deformed downward in a straight line
> until it is 3/16 inch below contour at the hole.  It's like a rod about 3/8th
> inch was pressed against a die to make this shape.  It's also a little odd in
> that the deflected shape doesn't really line up with the hole centerline.  It
> meets the edge of the hole at the outboard side of the hole, but because its
> a 3/8 inch "trough" it doesn't go inboard all the way to the inboard edge of
> the hole.
> The first hole, the 3/4 inch one, does not have this deflected metal, just a
> simple drilled hole.
> Glenn, I hope this helps.  I was going to try to get some photos, but I'd
> really need some kind of a closeup lens (which I don't have) to get the detail.
> If you can't follow this, I could make a sketch for you.
> Art Linden
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