[GFS] Odds n ends
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[GFS] Odds n ends

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Hi GFSers,
Anticipating the return of my motor shortly, would like your advice on a
things I need to move on:

Getting my PowerFlite ready - what kind of transmission fluid are you
in these units today/probably applicable to the cast iron TorqueFlites as

Some discussion a year or more ago regarding the thermostat housing and a
good source for a replacement; also seem to recall that Atlas in SoCal was
going to reproduce these?  Mine has got some corrosion, to include
all the way through at the outlet to the radiator hose end.  Probably
for a while if I attach hose all the way down to where the housing expands
to the manifold attachment flange.  Let me know what you folks are doing
(for the 303 motor).

Spec sparkplug for the 303 was the old Autolite 42-250; while the '57 Fury
V-800 used the Autolite AR-32 and the '58 V-800, the AR-42.  What are we
using for the 303 today?

Thanking you in advance!


Jack Lewis

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