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Re: [GFS] Odds n ends

Thanks Dave,
When I went looking for Type A, all thought I was crazy!  Thanks for the
info on good substitutes.

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> William Lewis wrote:
> > Getting my PowerFlite ready - what kind of transmission fluid are you
> > in these units today/probably applicable to the cast iron TorqueFlites
> > well?
> Car Collector had an article about trans fluid in May 99.  It seems
> that Type A fluid is actually its own unique type, of which I have
> never seen for sale anywhere, although I believe Paul Holmgren
> found somewhere in Illinois at a small garage, and it is sold at
> tractor service shops.
> Type F fluid will give a Type A trans harsher shifts, as it adds more
> friction (actually the F is for "friction" not "Ford"). Dexron/Mercon
> will give a Type A trans softer shifts, as it reduces friction.  The
> article claims that neither one will hurt a Type A trans.
> So, if you want smoother shifts, use Dexron/Mercon.  If you want more
> of a performance feel, use Type F.  Neither is "correct", but neither
> will hurt the trans.
> I checked with several rebuilders, including Aamco, and none
> have seen Type A for sale in the last 25 years.  The general
> consensus is that any Dexron/Mercon fluid, with a thingy of
> anti-foaming agent (available at any GM parts counter), is the best
> substitute for Type A.
> -Dave

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