[GFS] Fling etc
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[GFS] Fling etc

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Hi Folks,
Mailed my Check for SpringFling on March 3rd, shows as cashed, but didn't
receive a confirmation (thought last time I got one) but maybe you don't.
Anyway, who is going?  Have heard Bill Craffey will be there with his '58;
and that Ed Dea is racing the clock to finish his '56; but if he doesn't
have it ready, will be there with his Dart?  Also hoping regular Fling
attendee, Bill Gillett will be there with his '56.

If it is possible to group the Fury's together that would be great.  I
be entering my '79 300 so I can park it with all the letter 300's which
mostly '50s models, and the Fury's can park in the same general area due
our '56-'58 year models.

The gas price thing no doubt will be of impact here; also has taken a toll
on our Nats.  Have only 2 firm entries so far, compared to 7 at this point
last year.  At this rate, it looks like we will have to cancel - we still
lack a sizable membership to draw from at this stage (and with guestimates
on '56-'58 survivors, we probably will not grow much.)

A tech question for you: am trying to get my gas tank out and the bolts in
the trunk are rusted terrible.  Hard to figure the construction - looks to
be the straps have threaded studs that poke up from under the trunk, into
the trunk with nuts threaded onto them - is that correct?  Also, are there
any sources for nos/reproduction straps with new threaded studs that could
replace the originals - that's if I have to drill the bolts/studs out?

While trying to clean my trunk/gas tank up; am also prepping and painting
the accessories that go on my motor.  Question, can you paint the damper?
The damper of course has the core sealed to the outer ring with that
rubberized stuff, will painting affect anything there or with balance?

Also have heard that your Mopar Performance Dealers have a new expanded
"Small Block 'A' Engines" Performance Book that includes the 277-301-318
poly motors.  Have heard this will be available at Spring Fling.

All for now gang, can't wait for Spring Fling!!

Jack Lewis

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