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Re: [GFS] whataguytruttaguy

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Well, I'm not going to be 'assuaging' anyone to come out of the closet!
I'm not
that kind of guy!  =)

Seriously, though, this is a great bunch here, and the GFS is the premiere
source of info for all of the gold Furys.  I think if you own one, and
join, it would be a shame to miss out on all they can provide.

That's my two cents.


William Lewis wrote:

> Hi GFSers,
> Would like your help in assuaging "Jack in Chino" with a '58 "Fury" to
> considering joining up with us.  Has posted a couple/or more messages to
> list, but won't id himself - hope he decides not to be bashful and comes
> of the closet - c'mon, Jack in Chino, we would like you to join up with

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