[GFS] Nats Update
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[GFS] Nats Update

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Hi GFSers!

I am most excited about the interest level in our 2nd National GFS
Gathering.  We look to have the following in attendance:  Myself, Michigan
local, Bill McEntee (don't know if his Fury will be there); Ed & Rose
will fly in from New York; Michael Morris will drive from Maryland in his
'58 Fury, with some Plymouth Owner Club compadre's in their classic
Garry Warthan will return to the GFS Nats with his spouse and his
"300 letter car hemi powered" '56 Fury; Michigan locals, John & Cheryl
will be there in their beautiful '56; John Paxos will fly in from New
to attend his 2nd Nats; Forward Look List Owner/Manager & SUPER GFS
supporter, Dave Stragand, will attend from Pennsylvania, hopefully driving
in, in his beautiful '58 Belvedere Hardtop; locals Jim House & his Dad
attend in their '56 Fury; Dale and Jane McQuillin will drive in from Ohio
their '58 Fury - their 2nd Nats; and locals Mr & Mrs Marv Raguse will be
their with Marv's '57 Fury & a new addition to his stable, a 300C!

We are also hoping Russ Nardi can make it as well, though his move from
Sterling Heights, Michigan to the greater Chicago, IL area has him swamped
with professional & personal challenges.  I have offered to help unload
with some of the great coordinating items he has taken on to date.  In the
meanwhile, hope, that at the least he can join us in Michigan.

GFSers, Dan Long and Bob Wells are also trying to put together an
that will get them to Michigan as well.

In the meanwhile, I will take on assisting Russ in contacts with the
the Museum; and arranging the dash plaques.  If need be, I will also take
developing our GFS Nats T-Shirts, but if there are locals available to
in this area, I would most appreciate it.

I think the theme from our 1st Nats is the way to go - keep it informal -
couple of folks have sent a $25 check.  I will hold these, and ask for the
rest, that we do like we did in Columbia, MO at our 1st Nats - pay as you
go - so don't send me any funds.  I will provide dash plaques to all who
attend; and put the remainder up for sale in the Club Store as we did for
the 1st Nats;  T-Shirts will be sold at the Meet and leftovers put up for
sale in the Club Store like the first Nats (& Tom Mitchell is down to just
few XXLs).

I hope to confirm the rates that Russ provided on the Hotel for the next
issue of the Newsletter; and I have opened up email dialogue with the
Members of this list will get info right away, as soon as I get it.

Updates to our website have been sent to Hemmings and should be online
shortly.  Any questions - let me know and I will get back to you.

In the meanwhile, the Walter P Chrysler Museum - 2nd GFS Nats is looking
very positive - I can't wait!


Jack Lewis

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