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[GFS] Re: Red Plymouth Fury??????

--- In goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Doug" 
<her_name_is_christine@xxxx> wrote:
> Ok.  I think I agree with the last post about who actually knows 
> what the factory made.  Where can you find proof from the factory 
> what color cars they made back then?  Probably if you wrote a 
> to Chrysler-- they would tell you that it is private information 
> that is not allowed to be distributed, which was the response I 
> from GMC about a previous inquiry on another car.  Even I dont 
> for sure, just what Ive heard as the man demanding records and 
> said.  
> Also-- about the actually Christine car being a 58 Plymouth Fury 
> a Belvedere.  It depends on which way you look at it.  If you look 
> at it as some people in this group do-- of "the facts from back in 
> the day" she's a Belvedere.  Red and White-- hmm thats not the 
> Fury's colors-- they were only Beige and gold-- has to be a 
> Belvedere.  And they are right.  But if you look at it for the 
> of the story-- as Ive said before-- Christine was meant to be a 58 
> FURY.  Why?  Just like the people who are interested in "just the 
> facts" say- all Furys were Beige and gold-- but Christine is a red 
> and white- which obviously doesnt go along with the Fury's colors. 
> But also- I dont see any of the other beige and gold furys coming 
> with the standard equipment of the ability to kill people and 
> itself.  So yes I feel that the car in the movie was purposly 
> to be a Fury- because it was different-- thats why it was a 
> different fury.  Also-- If you want to look at it-- King knew what 
> car he was writing about.  Here is one quote, for those who like 
> facts, from an interview he had on the book.
> "Lofficier: Why did you pick a 1958 Fury as your subject?
> King: Because they're almost totally forgotten cars. They were the 
> most mundane fifties car that I could remember. I didn't want a 
> that already had a legend attached to it like the fifties 
> Thunderbird, the Ford Galaxies etc... You know how these things 
> grow. Some of the Chevrolets, for example, were supposed to have 
> been legendary door-suckers. On the other hand, nobody ever talked 
> about the Plymouth products, and I thought, "Well..." Besides, Lee 
> Iacocca gave me a million bucks!" 
> and for those who say he doesnt know much about the cars: 
> "Lofficier: You seem to bring up the fifties a lot in your work, 
> have a great deal of nostalgia about the times...
> King: Sure. I grew up in the fifties. That's my generation. I 
> there's been a fair amount of that from writers whom I would say 
> now the "establishment." When I started writing, with Carrie, I 
> twenty-four, twenty-five, something like that. I was a kid. Since 
> then, ten years have gone by, and 1947 has become a very 
> birth year for writers. 
> So, there are a lot of us who actually developed our understanding 
> of life, and who grew to be, not adults, but thinking human beings 
> in the fifties. I've got a lot of good memories from the fifties. 
> Somebody once said that, "Life was the rise of consciousness." For 
> me, rock-and-roll was the rise of consciousness. It was like a big 
> sun bursting over my life. That's when I really started to live, 
> that was brought on by the music of the fifties."
> So being from the fifties-- Im sure he knew the difference between 
> the cars.  And Im sure he didn't care about the "facts" when he 
> writing the story-- because he wanted a car that was different 
> the other furys-- a red and white car that kills people.
> Doug
  your the man..many thanks for some good  points, hell yer,,gn..uk.
   a 58 fury owner,dual quads,392 hemi..and i love it..

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