[GFS] Red Plymouth Fury??????
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[GFS] Red Plymouth Fury??????

Ok.  I think I agree with the last post about who actually knows 
what the factory made.  Where can you find proof from the factory of 
what color cars they made back then?  Probably if you wrote a letter 
to Chrysler-- they would tell you that it is private information 
that is not allowed to be distributed, which was the response I got 
from GMC about a previous inquiry on another car.  Even I dont know 
for sure, just what Ive heard as the man demanding records and proof 

Also-- about the actually Christine car being a 58 Plymouth Fury or 
a Belvedere.  It depends on which way you look at it.  If you look 
at it as some people in this group do-- of "the facts from back in 
the day" she's a Belvedere.  Red and White-- hmm thats not the 
Fury's colors-- they were only Beige and gold-- has to be a 
Belvedere.  And they are right.  But if you look at it for the sense 
of the story-- as Ive said before-- Christine was meant to be a 58 
FURY.  Why?  Just like the people who are interested in "just the 
facts" say- all Furys were Beige and gold-- but Christine is a red 
and white- which obviously doesnt go along with the Fury's colors. 
But also- I dont see any of the other beige and gold furys coming 
with the standard equipment of the ability to kill people and repair 
itself.  So yes I feel that the car in the movie was purposly meant 
to be a Fury- because it was different-- thats why it was a 
different fury.  Also-- If you want to look at it-- King knew what 
car he was writing about.  Here is one quote, for those who like the 
facts, from an interview he had on the book.

"Lofficier: Why did you pick a 1958 Fury as your subject?

King: Because they're almost totally forgotten cars. They were the 
most mundane fifties car that I could remember. I didn't want a car 
that already had a legend attached to it like the fifties 
Thunderbird, the Ford Galaxies etc... You know how these things 
grow. Some of the Chevrolets, for example, were supposed to have 
been legendary door-suckers. On the other hand, nobody ever talked 
about the Plymouth products, and I thought, "Well..." Besides, Lee 
Iacocca gave me a million bucks!" 
and for those who say he doesnt know much about the cars: 

"Lofficier: You seem to bring up the fifties a lot in your work, and 
have a great deal of nostalgia about the times...

King: Sure. I grew up in the fifties. That's my generation. I think 
there's been a fair amount of that from writers whom I would say are 
now the "establishment." When I started writing, with Carrie, I was 
twenty-four, twenty-five, something like that. I was a kid. Since 
then, ten years have gone by, and 1947 has become a very respectable 
birth year for writers. 

So, there are a lot of us who actually developed our understanding 
of life, and who grew to be, not adults, but thinking human beings 
in the fifties. I've got a lot of good memories from the fifties. 
Somebody once said that, "Life was the rise of consciousness." For 
me, rock-and-roll was the rise of consciousness. It was like a big 
sun bursting over my life. That's when I really started to live, and 
that was brought on by the music of the fifties."

So being from the fifties-- Im sure he knew the difference between 
the cars.  And Im sure he didn't care about the "facts" when he was 
writing the story-- because he wanted a car that was different from 
the other furys-- a red and white car that kills people.


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