IML: Seat Belts
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IML: Seat Belts

Hi all -

My '66 had seat belts when I got it and one eyebolt in the roof trim, which seemed to be for a shoulder belt anchor. I found the mounting points for both sides and had shoulder belts made by Diest Safety (nearby Glendale). Nothing fancy, but they offer fair security.

When my 1952 Frazer Nash was being restored, I asked if shoulder belts could be installed. Barry Leitch did a spectacular job of putting in retractable shoulder belts which are very unobtrusive and work well.

Remember, one other function of a seat belt is to keep you in place and potentially in control if your vehicle is making violent motions, even if you were not the original cause of those motions. It was much better to be securely belted in when I was a back-seater in the Phantom/ Even without controls, I could still "offer suggestions" to the pilot.


At 01:11 PM 8/3/2005, you wrote:
>When I get an Imperial it will have been built after
>seat belts were mandatory ('67 or '68 in my case) but
>if I got a pre-'66 car (I think that was the first
>year of the federal seat belt requirement) I would
>definitely have a good set of belts properly
>installed, at the very least in the front seats.

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