IML: 62 Alternator Question
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IML: 62 Alternator Question

Fellow Imperialists,

My electrical system is not charging.  The battery is new and gives 12.5 v without the car running.  I replaced the voltage regulator, and cleaned the connections on the firewall, the regulator, battery and the alternator, but when I start the car it drops to 12.3 v then down to 12.1 volts with the headlights on (and the ammeter needle never goes towards C, just drops toward D the more accessories I turn on.

I think I need a new alternator, and I was curious what the little cylinder is at the end of one of the wires on the alternator.  It looks like a capacitor.  Does this come with a new alternator?

Graham Quimby
62 Caramel Crown 2 dr Hardtop

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