Re: IML: "Pan" for '66 727 Tranny
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Re: IML: "Pan" for '66 727 Tranny

Hi All...before I try going to a junk yard (if I can find one near here)....does anyone have an extra 'pan' for a 727 transmission that they don't need cluttering up their kitchen?? I need to replace the pan on my '66 LeBaron's trans. as some time back about 6 years now, there was some work done by a shop (previous pwner) and they messed up the pan after they apparently broke off 3 of the pan bolts. The shop has tried everything to stop the slow leaks from the pan (yes, the busted bolts were removed and replaced) but since part of the pan had been cut away (I have no idea why) I think its gonna require a replacement to help keep the fluid from dripping out.
....figured I'd ask to see if anyone had a busted tranny that had a salvagable pan before i try crawling around in the jusk yards.
thanks bunckes!!
Dan melnik

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