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Re: IML: seat belts 1958

Keith...I don't know about 58, but I would be interested in the NOS belt you found for the 60.  Can you tell me where you found them>
60 'beltless' Crown
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Subject: IML: seat belts 1958

Does anyone know if seat belts were available as an option in 1958?  I know they were in '60 and I read somewhere that belts were also an available dealer installed option in 1959, but I'm not certain about that.  I recently bought a '58 Crown Southampton that has never had seat belts installed.  The car is in great shape and has an immaculate, recently restored interior.  But, fact is I feel uncomfortable driving w/o seat belts.  Purely a safety issue.
I've made the decision to install seat belts, but cannot decide what is most appropriate.  Does anyone out there have an opinion?  I did locate a set of NOS belts for 1960, but they are gray which I don't think would look good with the jade/emerald green upholstery.  I am leaning towards ordering green belts in a shade that will coordinate with the upholstery, and plain "retro" buckles.  Several companies I found on the 'net sell them.  How do I know what length to order for the front and back?  I am also unsure how to determine the proper installation points.

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