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Re: IML: seat belts 1958

My 69 LeBaron Coupe has the shoulder belts set up like this. The seat belt attaches to the roof behind the drip rail and the buckle attaches to a clip that is part of the sun visor mount.
There are two separate buckles, one for the lap belt and one for the shoulder belt.  
You could possibly retrofit one of these from a late 60s early 70s Mopar to your car.   

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The '70 Chrysler 300 I drove in college was a 4
door hard-top with shoulder belts for the front
seat. The shoulder belts did not retract but
instead were folded at the top of the windows,
along the edge of the headliner, with clips to
hold them up there when not in use. I wore
them every time I drove the car. They were not
as easy to use as retractable shoulder belts,
but I felt a lot safer using them! The '70 was
the first car that I had with seat belts, as my
previous/first car, a '62 Chevy, didn't have
them. I tasted the metal dashboard of the
Chevy when I was rear-ended when I was about 19
(I was the passenger at the time. The driver
hit the steering wheel) and I've worn seatbelts
like religion ever since. I won't even move a
car in the driveway without putting on my

This thread came up about 2 years ago, and I
copied all of the pertinent email (providing
sources for aftermarket seatbelts, etc) to my
Imperial folder so I'd have the information at
my disposal when it's time to install seatbelts
in my '58 because, again, I won't leave the
driveway without them. Taste a steering wheel
or dashboard once, and you'll know what I'm
talking about!

58 Southampton project.
Covington, Louisiana

Hugh, 58 Imperial wrote:
> Keith,
> My 58 has lap only belts installed. It was
> that way when I got it. As the cars lack a B
> pillar above the door line I just can't think
> how you could possibly install a three point
> system. The lap belt is good as far as it
> goes but I have visions of getting my teeth
> bashed in by the steering wheel should the
> worst happen. Probably better than being
> thrown out of the car but a three point
> system would obviously be preferable.
> Hugh
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> Does anyone know if seat belts were available as an option in
> 1958? I know they were in '60 and I read somewhere that belts
> were also an available dealer installed option in 1959, but I'm
> not certain about that. I recently bought a '58 Crown Southampton
> that has never had seat belts installed. The car is in great
> shape and has an immaculate, recently restored interior. But,
> fact is I feel uncomfortable driving w/o seat belts. Purely a
> safety issue.
> I've made the decision to install seat belts, but cannot decide
> what is most appropriate. Does anyone
> out there have an opinion? I did locate a
> set of NOS belts for 1960, but they are gray
> which
> I don't think would look good with the jade/emerald green
> upholstery. I am leaning towards ordering green belts in a shade
> that will coordinate with the upholstery, and plain "retro"
> buckles. Several companies I found on the 'net sell them. How do
> I know what length to order for the front and back? I am also
> unsure how to determine the proper installation points.
> Keith
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Fred Joslin

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