Re: IML: dual exhaust system for '66
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Re: IML: dual exhaust system for '66

     I put duals on my 66 Imperial and my 64 Newyorker and used aluminized on both.  I live in NY just souyth of Buffallo and still get many years out of the cheaper metal!  Both cars see snow and ice several times each year, but a good bath after will protect them for a long time.  I got about 11 years out of the last set on my 66, and plan to get that from this set too.  Where you are at, the stainless seems like a true waste of money to me!  Good Luck!  Cole LeVasseur

"dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All...was wondering if anyone has put a new dual-exhaust system in their 64-66 Imperials. I mention the years from '64 thru '66 cause I assume the dual exhaust systems are pretty much the same for all 3 years...though I could easily be VERY wrong! I know there are stainless steel systems out there (for over $700.00, I believe) but as I am now in southern California I think that the 'aluminized' exhaust systems should hold up pretty well here.....again, PLEASE email me with your 2 cents about using the 'aluminized' steel (or not!) and any supplier that you (or someone you know of) has had experience with. I found a number of places listed in the HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS issues but I depend on what IML members experiences MUCH more than an ad.
Thanks again
Dan Melnik/dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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