Re: IML: dual exhaust system for '66
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Re: IML: dual exhaust system for '66

I bought an aluminized single exhaust system for my 64 Lebaron from Klasskollection Exhaust Systems Ebay Store. They are located at 1121 Homestead Blvd #272, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936. 1-800-365-5764. The system cost me around $260 with resonator (plus $40 shipping). It fit well and installed easily. You can search for Klasskollection or search for ebay item # 260137951498. Contact the seller and ask for the particular system you're looking for. They will respond with all the info you need to purchase it.  You need to specify if you want stock mufflers, turbos, or glass packs. In my opinion, you don't need a stainless system unless you plan on driving up north in the winter or if you've got lots of spare money to dispose of. A word of advice: disconnect your battery before you install the system.

Mark Souders

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Hi All...was wondering if anyone has put a new dual-exhaust system in their 
64-66 Imperials. I mention the years from '64 thru '66 cause I assume the dual 
exhaust systems are pretty much the same for all 3 years...though I could easily 
be VERY wrong! I know there are stainless steel systems out there (for over 
$700.00, I believe) but as I am now in southern California I think that the 
'aluminized' exhaust systems should hold up pretty well here.....again, PLEASE 
email me with your 2 cents about using the 'aluminized' steel (or not!) and any 
supplier that you (or someone you know of) has had experience with. I found a 
number of places listed in the HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS issues but I depend on what 
IML members experiences MUCH more than an ad.
Thanks again
Dan Melnik/dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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