Re: IML: '62 Imperial Brake "T" Distribution Blocks
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Re: IML: '62 Imperial Brake "T" Distribution Blocks

Hi Folks,
We just went through this.  When the brake lines are overtightened the steel tube flare can distort the little brass cone inside the block.  Flatten it out.  The manual gives instructions on gently tightening this connection but since some of my cars were "untouched" we assume that there were some overzealous wrench monkeys at the factory.  We had to swap the front one twice before we got one that would not leak.  Expecially with this being a "T" you have three chances to have a distorted fitting.  If someone finds a supply of new ones let me know, they would be good to have on hand.  They can be very pretty on the outside, have good threads, and still leak if the inner cones are mashed.  We talked about using JB weld but perservered!
Richard Burgess
'60 Crown

Kenyon Wills <imperialist1960@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

--- Joe Strickland wrote:

> To the group;
> I have done some preliminary searches on the web for
> the front brake "T"
> distribution block, Chrysler P/N 2123 218 and the
> rear axle "T" junction
> block, Chrysler P/N 2070 311. So far I haven't
> spotted any available
> from places like Andy Bernbaum etc.. Have any of
> you found a source for
> these?

Each car has a stock brass block that the one MC line
goes into, and from which 2 fronts and one rear line

Is this what you seek? It is not a wear item unless
you cross thread it when you wrench on it every 20-30
years or so.

They are on every 1962 Imperial frame rail at Lowell &
Bob's. Holding any old one against a wire wheel will
almost instantly make it new again.

If not this, then what are you trying to do?


Kenyon Wills

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