IML: '62 Brake Distribution Blocks
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IML: '62 Brake Distribution Blocks

To the Group;

Thanks to those who responded. I am trying to replace all of the essential brake system parts that I can on my '62 Imperial Custom. So far I have been unable to disconnect the hard lines from the front distribution "T". I suspect the rear axle "T" will be in like condition. I have treated the connections with liquid wrench repeatedly and so far have had negative results. I fear that someone in the past torqued the connections down so hard that they have damaged the interface. One method I thought of is to cut the hard lines near the blocks and remove the blocks from the car where I could put them in a vise and get a really good grip to remove the fittings. I am using 6-point tubing wrenches . I had hoped to use the old lines as models to make new lines myself. At this time I may be better off to just order new lines from Classic Tube. I think the OEM type lines would be best. The OEM line type is probably softer than the stainless steel lines. It may be easier to get the OEM type line flare interface to conform to the shape of the mating surfaces in the brass "T" blocks. The stainless steel lines are likely a harder type of steel. Stainless steel has been known to seize up when bolts made of it are mated with other metals. If I could locate NOS parts I would be more confident I could get the system back together with no leaks.

The connection to the master cylinder has a fitting that is already so badly worn down that it will take vise grips to disconnect it. That section of line is 1/4" diameter material. The rest of the system uses 3/16" material.

fn:Joe Strickland
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