IML: Imperial Heaven Website Problems
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IML: Imperial Heaven Website Problems

I tried Bob's website this morning and had no trouble getting it to come up.

It could be that some settings in anti-virus or security software on a person's computer could be causing the browser to have to wait too long for a response back from the site with the server. This will cause a "server not found" or "cannot display" error message.

Another possibility is that the ISP who has the Imperial Heaven website has so much traffic that it cannot respond in time to satisfy your browser software internal settings.

Our anti-virus and security programs are usually set to automatically download and install updates for their databases. This can lead to problems that are difficult to correct. It might help to visit the website for your anti-virus and/or security software and go to their support forums and search for a description of the problem you are encountering. If others are having the problem, someone has
probably found a solution for your software.

I had problems a while back with my anti-virus software causing too long a delay when sending an e-mail with attached or embedded *.jpg pictures. I had to turn off the anti-virus software "check
outgoing mail" function to restore ability to send image files.

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