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RE: IML: 58 Door Handle

Hello list,
I'm the one that bought the door handle recently for sale on ebay :-). $232 to be accurate (not included the cost of the insured (!) overseas shipment). But that remains less than a half of what J. Rosen asks for one (he asks $500 for a driver door handle: he knows how rare those handles are in good condition). The euro being very strong (or should I say the dollar very weak ?), the high price was somewhat compensated by the exchange rate.
57/58/59 handles are identical. However, there are two versions. The one I call "thin and weak" and the one I call "stronger and less weak". I had to change the 4 on my 1958 Imperial. The "levers" on the "thin and weak" are thiner than on the "stronger". Due to that, one guessable consequence is the fact that it breaks very easily (mostly at the base of the levers, at the junction with the shell of the handle). You can easily guess that my car came out of the factory with the ... thin version of the handles.
1958 Imperial
Grenoble - France

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57, 58, 59 identical.
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are the 57's and 58's the same?   I am thinking about having some driver's side door handles cast out of aluminum, clean them up and chrome them.   I know mine is iffy, and those were a weak part to start with.  One good used one recently sold for around 200 bucks on Ebay. At that price, I could probably break even by selling off some to other people also in need.

"Hugh, 58 Imperial" <imperial58@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Try Wildcat Mopar:
Also Dr. Mopar:
Both places have more than one 58 Imperial.  Good luck.
58 Imperial
San Antonio, TX.
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Subject: IML: 58 Door Handle

Wouldn't you know it?  I've owned my 58 Crown Southampton 4 door for less than a week and I broke the front driver's side door handle today.  Not sure what happened but it is definitely broken.    Can anyone out there help me out with a source for a replacement?  I've spent a long time on line today trying to find a replacement handle, but no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can contact me directly at hofcag@xxxxxxx if you prefer, or through the list.  Thanks!  Keith, 1958 Crown

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