[FWDLK] 55-61 Mopar - Sure their great...but.....
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[FWDLK] 55-61 Mopar - Sure their great...but.....

Actually, I like this thread. Sometimes it's good to take a good hard look
at the object of one's affection. So, besides thinking "thank God I'm not a
Chevy owner with a book shelf full of fancy color picture catalogs where I
can order most any part I can imagine" (sigh....), I can be grounded in the
cold hard facts regarding my car.

Two quick things that make me wonder "what were they thinking". First, my
beloved '59 Dodge front end. Now some may cast aspersions at the well
designed and extremely useful at high speeds side chevrons or the wind
cutting spinner hubcaps, but for me, the real problem with the car is the
front end styling. This is a clear example of "but-her-face" styling. I will
say that it has grown on me and it's not exactly a '61 DeSoto, but really
now, is that the best they could come up with?

Second "concern"? The '57 Plymouth front end. The lower section, below the
bumper in the center is a real problem. It may just be me, but while in
theory it looks clean, I can't recall the last time I've seen one that
wasn't bent up like a piece of lasagna. Being in such a prominent place, it
is not only easily seen, apparently, it is also easily hit. I just can't
recall the last time I saw one that was really straight...

Well, that's what's one my mind at the moment.

1959 Dodge

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David/List; mea culpa: my own Horrie did NOT 'come' with spinners--he
was not born a SPINNER, but, alas, I got him that way, in 1980, & later
discovered the error of his ways.

But @ least he had a RADIO!!--you'd be amazed how many 57's came with
Option Code "1", which  included "radio-DELETE--check for a "1" above
the "N"  in the "PNT" , on the Paint/Trim plate.

Anyway, I believe that the Cleanest FWDLK front ends were on the 56
DeSoto, 57 (non-300) Chrysler, & 58 Plymouth.

I also regard the "silliest" trim piece to be the "fish-gills" on the 59
Dodge, the most controversial  item to be the "toilet seats", & the most
egregious-item ( the 58 Generic Motors "Chrome
slathered-on-with-a-trowel award") : to
the 60 big-Dodge rear 1/4 panel chrome
"Escutheon"; the most awkward design was the 57/58 DeSotos
with-the-Dodge-front ends.

Which came 1st? Ben Hur, or his spinners? He DID have those 'guys'  on
HIS chariot, but was the movie released before the car?

Has anybody installed 1960 spinners on a 59?????? (or, vice versa?).

Speaking of awkward, an examination of the 58 Dodge grille will reveal
why the 57 "antfarm" bumpers (there WAS no Grille on a 57 Dodge--the
answer to an un-asked trivia question) , and their headlight-doors dint
"match" each other-what's 'unusual' is that
"most people" I've talked-to seem to prefer the appearance of the 57
"grille", over the 58's.

What are YOUR (least) favorite FWDLK features--besides RUSTABLE
body-panels & "speaker-grille" seat cloth--those are a "given"!!

The cars were actually too-LOW, for their own "good" (living with them,
on a daily basis).


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