[FWDLK] Major Setback - '56 Savoy
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[FWDLK] Major Setback - '56 Savoy

Hello List,

Well, life has its ups and downs and Tuesday night was definitely a downer for me.
Only my way home from work I wrecked the '56 Savoy.  I rear-ended a Honda Civic that was stopped in traffic. The roads were wet and I couldn't see it till it was too late to stop in time. Guess which car won (Hint: my bumper underroad his bumper) ?

Here is my dilemma:  I can't tell yet what the full extent of the damage is, but based on what is obvious, I think the car is repairable.  Bill K is scouting for a parts car for me.  I need some advice.

One of the things that is damaged is the generator and generator bracket.  At this point does it make any sense to replace both with the same equipment or should I be looking to put an alternator in it?  If the latter, does anyone have a recommendation for something that can be gotten from a junkyard and will fit?  Should I be limiting my search to a V8 parts car?  My car has a powerflight transmission - Don't know if it sustained any damage - I had just spent a bunch of dough to put a modern drive shaft and U joints in the car, along with an 8 3/4 rear end and totally new brakes on the rear.  If the transmission is damaged now might be the time to start looking seriously for a torqueflight.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Bob McGrath
'56 (stomped) Savoy

Other damage:  Hood badly buckled;  Hood ornament smashed; Right front fender badly mangled: radiator totally trashed, with possible exception of the top and bottom tanks;  fuel pump ruptured (?) (might just be the line);  grill and parking lights destroyed (naturally); valance pan bent, but might be straightened; bumper has a dent.  The motor is moved off center at the front.  May need new motor mounts.   

Good news:  Everyone is O.K.  (The most important thing). 

Encouraging data: The doors are undamaged.  The windshield is undamaged.      

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