Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Propert
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Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Property

That is what we do in Nebraska and it's called carhenge.   Located just
north of Alliance.   Then there is the affair in Texas I believe.

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Well.... the people with too many cars could just stack em all up to
look like Stonehenge and call it art. Everyone likes art!

Rog & Jan van Hoy wrote:

>Obviously this is a touchy subject.  Let me tell you what
>some car collectors in Sacramento, CA did some years ago
>when that capital city started enforcing zoning--  they went
>together and bought ten acres way out in the country for
>their parts cars, built a barn for their long-range
>projects, put up fences and trees.
>Fast forward twenty years, when the city grew out to
>surround them.  Not only did they make a profit on the cars
>they no longer wanted [such as a clean '56 Belv 4HT with
>power everything] but they made a huge profit on the land
>for development.  Took some of the profit, bought land
>farther out, started over.
>Now some may say they're just ordinary folks who can't
>afford to buy land.  Well, if you go in with enough people
>the price per person goes way down.  Shoot, maybe a whole
>bunch of us ought to go in on a spread in the southwest,
>where you can buy ten acres for $10K.  You don't need water,
>sewer or electricity, just open land without restrictions.
>--Roger van Hoy, '55 DeSoto, '58 DeSoto, '42 DeSoto, '41
>Dodge, '66 Plymouth, '81 Imperial, Washougal, WA

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