[FWDLK] Hesitation is depressing!!
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[FWDLK] Hesitation is depressing!!

Does anyone have any experiece in adjusting a vacuum advance? H.'s got a
"part-throttle-hesitation", a flat-spot, after he's already driving down
the road, & the throttle's depressed.
I understand that the V.A. can be adjusted, using  allen wrench, but the
V.A. is a tad "remote" on the pre-B-block motors, so I don't wanna get
involved in a big 'project', if there's not much ease/chance of
adjustment without using a timing gun, or 'scope', etc.

Would it  just be easier to replace the V.A.?

BTW, H.'s got an electronic ignition, which has "required"  no
maintenance, over the past decade. I just put  some oil in the
'oiler-fitting', but haven't driven him, since doing so. Is there
another oil-fitting, inside the distributor?

Neil Vedder


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