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Re: [FWDLK] Morphing auto-matically

Ahh, why do you ask do cars morph into older cars when they get wrecked in
TV and movies?

Because the car you see in most shots is a camera car - it's either a fairly
new (and expensive) car at the time, or they spent a lot of money detailing
it and redoing it for close-up shots.  If it's a new car they may not even
own it, it might be provided by a car-maker for use in the film.  When it's
time for a wreck, they slip in an older car - cheaper to buy, since it's
being wrecked it may not even need to be able to run.  A lot of times also
they shoot the scenes out of sequence - they may need certain weather
conditions to get the expensive stunt scenes done and wrap that up ahead.
So they need two cars to still have one for scenes with the same car later.

Even Christine has errors of this nature.  You'll notice a lot of times in
films they will wreck a car, but the car keeps going - then in the next shot
it's wrecked, but not quite as bad.  That usually happens when they wreck a
car too bad to keep running.   One of the Dirty Harry movies, the Seven Ups,
maybe the most amusing example of these kind of errors is the Charger in
Bullitt that loses like 7 hubcaps before they finally crash and burn.

another TV example:  The Rockford Files - Jim's Firebird gets wrecked a
number of times over cliffs and such.  It always transmogrifies from a '76
or '77 to a '71-'73 model at that point.   One episode a Lincoln goes over
and it suddenly goes from a '76 to about a '65.

I never noticed the change in car in Vanishing Point, but it was amusing how
after the car crashed and burned it suddenly had bright shiny fresh silver
paint on the now plain wheels that had been dirty Mopar rally wheels before

Bill K.

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> My favorite morph-ian is in the original Attack of the 50 Foot woman,
> where a ("brand-new") 58 Ply stationwagon transmogrifies into a 53-ish
> Ply s/w, during a roll-over sequence.
> Cars going over cliffs are also prone to sudden-
> death morphing (as well as bursting into flames, on the way down the
> hill--why is that?)
> But, hey, right here in my area, a "late-model" (aren't they all, now?)
> Kamaro was just stolen by a guy, who really musta  needed a ride, and
> who led the CHP on a 60 mile hi-speed hiway chase, til they employed a
> spike strip, which deflated the tires and caused/contributed to his
> losing control of it, which led to his rolling it, whereupon it actually
> burst into flames (just like in the movies) and became a Krispy Kritter.
> Suspect was ejected, & survived  & is currently residing  at the local
> Graybar Hotel.
> Neil Vedder
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