Re: [FWDLK] Petting the Car
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Re: [FWDLK] Petting the Car

Yup. there ya go. More than I thought. Even in small town USA.

Talked with ACC this morning. They insist that the carpet they sent is
correct, with the 2x24 stitched hole in the center for wrapping the upper
carpet around the heater area. That's a real head-scratcher. They also said
that there should be a 12" gap of bare floor between front piece and the
rear piece, with the rear piece butting up against the rear seat bottom. Is
there anyone out there with an original untouched car that can confirm this
? Sounds kinda wrong to me.

Luckily, the ACC subsidiary that I purchased this from said they would take
it back if I can't figure this out, as long as the carpet isn't cut.


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> JFG, (just for grins), per the recurrent discussion on special-ordering
> non-molded carpeting, for our cars, I contacted my small town auto
> upholstery shop (which has an out-of-town-customer reputation), & asked
> them what they would charge "today", if a person dropped off his
> FWDLKER, & said :"Install-me a new carpet, (standard cut-pile, or loop-
> pile, in black), and stitch-in this here heel-pad, I've got
> and gimme  a jute pad, & I'll see ya, @ 5 o'clock, tonite."
> Shop said, "If you have an appointment, & if we have the material in
> stock, &/or have ordered it before you GET here :   $ 350.00" .
> The cost of the carpet: $100.00.
> But that's just here in Bishop, and the finished product is
> professionally/perfectly installed.
> Neil Vedder
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