[FWDLK] Charging - Dim Headlamps
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[FWDLK] Charging - Dim Headlamps

If your regulator is working properly, this may well indicate a ground problem for the whole system.  Make sure your battery cable ground is clean on the battery and is against metal (not paint or grease) on the other end.  Also make sure you have the engine ground strap which typically on a Chrysler product is from the pass. side cyl. head to the firewall. 
On my '69 Coronet beyond the above I had to put in a headlight relay to get my lights fully up as the factory had routed too much length of wire through the headlamp and dimmer to get to them.  They were only receiving 10.2 volts!  Which points up also the fact that old switches cause power losses too.  The easy one to replace is the dimmer switch because it is very universal.  The hard one is the dash headlamp switch for which NOS will be rare and pricey.


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