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Re: [FWDLK] Car insurance new thread

    About six years ago I was backing a very large and very blind truck in a grocery store parking lot.  It was about 0700 hrs and I had surveyed the scene before moving the truck.  There wasn't a car in the lot besides a few employee's rigs parked way out on the perimeter.  Because of the visibility problems, I was backing VERY slowly.  So slowly, that when I heard a crunching sound, I stopped to get out and found a 1991 Chevy Lumina sedan with a 1" hole punched in the plactic headlight by the bumper of the truck !  The driver had pulled right in behind me and waited for me to hit him.  These cars have a real sloped nose and anything over 1/8 mph would crunch out the headlight and get the hood too, but I was being SO careful because of the blind backing that I barely broke the plastic before stopping. 
    Now, a headlight assembly on a ten year old Lumina is cheap and common as dirt, so no big deal, right ?
    This guy gets to hollering about being a lawyer, it is all my fault, why wasn't I looking?, why was I going so fast?, etc., and we come to an agreement that he will go get estimates for repair.  I call my insurance carrier - Snake Farm - and ask for advice on how to proceed, .... should I claim it ?, ... or just pay the ten dollars at a wrecking yard and replace it ?  They advise I just let the guy fix it at the shop of his choice and let the claim be made, saying it will not affect my policy or rates for anything under $750.
    I thought this guy was a scammer from moment one, but when he made a claim for a $570 headlight lense replacement, all suspicions were confirmed.  But it gets better.
    Next thing I know, my agent's office girl calls and informs me of the claim amount and that Snake Farm is going to drop me !  I had almost ten years of clear driving record, and I allowed the claim on THEIR direction !  We argued round and round, but like every other insurance dealing I have ever had the pleasure to experience, they do whatever they please and screw the customer.
    Snake Farm will NEVER get my business again, and I would advise anyone else to do likewise.  They will toss you under the proverbial bus in a heartbeat, even after a long and friendly dealing with an agent I thought was a friend.


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