[FWDLK] '59 Rear axle overhaul
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[FWDLK] '59 Rear axle overhaul

Don from Canada:

I suggest you review the rear axle overhaul instructions before starting.
If they are like those for my '55 Chrysler 300 rear axle, the procedure will
involve using a dial micrometer to set axial clearances and this is done by
inserting precut shims that may be hard to come by.  The ones you take out
may or may not be the right ones to go back together with.

I replaced the outer bearings and seals when I had the brake done, figuring
that 50 years was long enough.  I bought a special wheel puller, also.  If
your car has the tapered axles, whatever you use, leave the axle nut on the
threads, leaving about 1/4" for the brake drum to pop off the axle.
Otherwise you may end up wearing it when it pops off.  I believe the expense
was justified--one less thing to worry about on the old car.

Rich Barber
Brentwood, CA
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