RE: [Chrysler300] 300 F axle ratios.
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RE: [Chrysler300] 300 F axle ratios.

It is the old F=Ma thing ; F higher (net of gears) if HP expended higher,
(average) .With high (tall) ratio like 2.93 (words can confuse!) the
scenario you describe has one issue, the drop in RPM on that 1-2 , and early
on,  in 1---and you then spend a lot of time below the HP max, if about same
total quarter time-- although on ram cars maybe not as bad due to higher
torque at 3000 or so, but it is not THAT much higher. But long rams really
hurt at 5000 . Why short rams. With three speeds, lees time spent slogging,
average time is  spent more at high RPM. = More average  HP , due to high
RPM , HP expended in moving car goes up; why 9 speed is really good . 4spd
sticks were faster than 3 spds, ,another way to look at it.


On the other hand if you can overpower the tires grossly, just a single
shift is great..lots of really fast cars run powerglides, one shift, no time
for more if you are in 8 ?s or something , also why one speed rail with
slider (slipping)  clutch gets into 4?s. it is set to deliver ~ constant
Torque , = constant max F, just below breaking tires free. No shift!


One great thing about Mopars of this period, is the axles and offset leafs,
thick part in front , the spring design, plus 8 ¾ is so tough. ..the car
with back overhang really plants on the strip, great weight transfer,
especially with pinion snubber, or traction bars . . Fords wheel hop like
crazy, chev?s broke axles and diff pinions if they hooked well. They had to
have ?tires? or forget it. ?tires? and 10 bolt=broken.  I used to race a 315
hp fuel vette with 4;11 all the time  , I had 392 in 57 Dodge with 3;70?s ;
I used to yell out the window ?bog or burn this time?? And he would. Dodge
would sit down , front come up, and GO. Even with a stick, which it had, no
worries, EZ.  Chev guys really worry about first few milliseconds. 


I now have to relate , just being honest, I killed a brand new 421 4spd tri
power Pontiac Ventura coupe  by a length with that Dodge! Told him it was a
D500. (it was till I blew it up) 


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Once again displaying and acknowledging the many gaps in my knowledge and
experience, I never was much of a drag racer on a timed strip but perhaps
the reason for decent performance from a numerically-low differential ratio
in a letter car is that one can stay in the lower gears to higher speeds.
On its own in WOT mode, I think the tranny shifts more based on engine speed
than tail shaft speed.  Controlled by the driver, I would expect the
shifting to begin at an RPM where the power curve starts to flatten.  With a
TorqueFlite, 2.93 axle and 29? OD tires, one could get 60 MPH in low and 101
MPH in second at 5000 RPM tail shaft speed.  That ought to just about do it
for the quarter mile in any letter car.  Does anyone have additional
documented time and speed values for letter cars on the ¼ mile strips?
Numerically low stay in second through the quarter?  Numerically higher
finish in high gear?


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA 90+ in the shade today.


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Hey Guys, Back in '67 I drove my 'F' once at Fremont Drags. Using 2.93
gears, turned a16.38, slow, but not bad I thought. Hot Rod Magazine had a
road test showing 16 flat, 7 years earlier. I don't remember their axle
ratio maybe someone out there has the issue. I'm sure all of you remember 6
seconds to 60 mph was considered a pretty good acceleration time, and about
7 sec. for our Brutes, but a Cobra 5.5 seconds, WOW!  

Times have in 2015 my Wife's car.... 2.9 to 60. We are having
the time of our lives!  Alan



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He had 9? Le Car wheels?.easy!




From: Michael Reed [mailto:rmreed@xxxxxxxxx] 
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You surprised me on that one, Gary! Drag racing with a 3.31 RAR?!! That
would seem to me to uncompetitively long gear ratio, unless you weren't
really serious. I don't recall anyone, even in the NHRA stock classes back
in the 60s and early 70s, running anything taller than 3.90. Most were
running 4.11s or 4.56s, some 5.12. My daily driver/weekend SuperStocker had
a 4.56.


I drive to the strip these days also, 4.11 gears.

Mike Reed in Hastings, Michigan 

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 When I was drag racing my Dodge at Lyons Drag Strip in 1960,  I went from
2.93 to 3.31.  at that time The dealer had no listing for a 3.18 when I
bought my gears.   Gary Barker

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Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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