Re: [Chrysler300] Sudden drive train lock-up
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Re: [Chrysler300] Sudden drive train lock-up

Hi Mike:
I have read through quite a bit of replies that have speculated about the differential, the rear service brakes, and the front service brakes.  Nowhere have I seen anyone comment on your parking brake.  As the owner of a 1962 300, I am fully aware that the parking brake on a 1962 Chrysler does not use the rear service brake shoes and drums the way my 1964's do.  The parking brake in a 1962 Chrysler is a single drum unit with two small brake shoes that is attached to the tailshaft of the transmission.  If the parking brake unit locks up, the driveshaft will not turn and neither will the rear wheels.  Have you ruled out the parking brake as a culprit?
Chris the K MANIAC
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 When I backed it up, after approx 3 ft the drive locked up sharply, as though I had hit something. But I hadn’t,  and all 4 wheels were clear. It did the same thing going forward-locking up after just a few feet.I did this several times and the distances prior to lockup seemed the same.
I was able to give it a lot of gas and slowly it would move, but something was straining.

This afternoon, after completing new starter motor installation, I dropped the driveshaft to have a suspect rear U-joint replaced tomorrow, but I see nothing which looked like it was hitting.
On jack stands under the axle, I also am able to rotate both rear wheels in either direction continuously without a lock up. My next step is to remove both rear drums and ensure there are no  broken  brake springs, but if I don’t see anything there, I have no idea where to look next. There are no unusual noises when I rotate the wheels.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, MIke Moore


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