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Re: [Chrysler300] 1962/63/64 Power Rear Antenna Talk

Coincidentally spent about ten hours this past week on about 10 pw motors. What Don says is right , but found a way to fix that . No time now very long story of 2 big time failures first, maybe pdf or something later ,on that specific thing ,  you cannot get ball in --if it pops out , you are done for --and centering  action of end bearing  retaining spring is lost by popout event too -- even if you DO get it in , as spring steel gets bent outward if it pops out . If spring action lost then armature scrapes inside due to off center pull of magnets pulls bearing ball to side slightly = max bummer after a LOT  of tedious work . But --sometimes cannot get  apart without popping it out , brush end, due to corrosion. Thats life. Drill bigger hole in end 1/8" drive out with nail . Now you have a parts kit .. Caused by a water ingress. 

 I made a thing like a two prong fork to support front ball while still in its end cover , fits in front of armature behind end cover  , rests in vise so you can tap shaft out over an open vise -- without popping ball out -- but takeaway for today is that the seizing and all the rest is caused by water . 
Front pw motors and probably antenna face straight up water goes into motor . There is a felt like material around that ball meant to hold oil ( but seemingly never oiled at factory) it holds the water. Common  motor design in 30's to 50's . Oil wick for patented "oilite" bushing . ( like 300 speedo input bearing oil wick thing!) . Not needed in motor. Everything  in bottom of power window motor , brush , bearing , armature shaft and circuit breaker are destroyed by months if not years long sitting in dampness from the wet felt . Also noted rust behind the field windings pushes  them out , more unsolveable problems , as armature might  not fit by them if pushed out . If you push on them to put back insulation gets hurt . 

 Rain or wash car , in it goes . Motor  look perfect on outside . Cars left outside.. =Ruined front pw motors. Cars inside , perfect shape . This Pattern noted in all these motors. later ( replacement ?) motors seem vinyl dipped . That will not fix entering   at nose. They had a problem and knew it . Dipping might make it worse . Water vapor cannot get out 

 Trying to figure out plastic sheet u shaped rain cover in door ,on top of gearbox and motor  like they do for door radio speakers ---like horizontal axis mounted 3 sides U , say cut   from milk quart center ??   
For now two quick things in restoration : 1) drill.060 hole  in exact center of bulge at back ( drain) you may hit end of shaft will not hurt it ; pre 57 has this hole  !!!! If apart drill two more near back cover bolts . 2 ) the plastic umbrella to throw off water at nose NEVER seals to the shaft , surface tension of water makes  it go in and then through front bearing . Which can seize too. Umbrella Cannot seal to shaft due to mickey mouse really dumb design poor fit to flat on shaft . By putting contact cement or weathsrtrip cement there after pushing umbrella toward motor all the way , (push even beyond flat ) you can get a waterproof seal to an oil free shaft . Touch of cement tube nose to shaft and collar on side toward gearbox then turn motor shaft . It drags a line of cement just right . Put aside to harden , if you try to put on other side , it gets into nose bearing. 
Save even junk motors , "junk" due to what Don describes --for brushes and those bearing balls ! For later !
Good test on pw motors , a good one draws 5-6 A no load at 5 v . Not good to put 12 v on it with no load --series motor spins very fast then . I noiced some armatures have some loose wire turns at one end of each winding ( last turn)-- ( poor workmanship )  it might get spun outward at high speed . I put epoxy on those with tooth pick  .. Ought to be ok but not sure. Do not want loose windings.. Ever . 
Maybe this helps .. 
Saved 8 out of ten !!
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Hi Rich,
The early antennas with the large housing are pretty easy to take apart. What I’ve found with the small housing and the power window motors is that the bearing is a bronze piece that is rounded on the outside and is permanently attached to the motor base. If the motor shaft seizes in the bearing, it is very hard to get it to move again. Attempts to remove the motor usually result in pulling the bearing out of the motor base. It is then not possible to get it back in. You may have better luck, but will probably need another antenna.
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Subject: RE: [Chrysler300] 1962/63/64 Power Rear Antenna Talk

I spent about ten minutes at John Holst’s most excellent website  as I was curious to see if the parts manuals were clear on these parts.   Section 1-88-6 shows the power antenna mounting system includes two adapters-upper and lower, above and below the sheet metal.  The adapters are different for the ’62, ’63 and ’64.  Everything else looks the same so a set of ’62 adapters/bezels is all you need.  If anyone scrapped out a ’62 power antenna but kept the carcass, the adapters would make an easy sale to Matt. But it takes both—and the gasket.

While on the subject, I have a spare but non-functioning power antenna system for a ’64 Chrysler.  I’m trying to get to the bearings of the reversible motor which seem to be frozen.  I’ve got the antenna base loose from the motor but am stuck on digging into the sealed motor.  Anyone been deeper into one of these on a DIY basis?  I’m hoping that a little persuasion on and lubrication of the shaft bearings will return the system to functionality.  The lower adapter/bezel is pot metal and designed to only go together the correct way.

Also, the switch for this system was a challenge to get to and was also frozen.  Persuasion and lubrication returned it to functionality.

Good luck with your quest.

Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA

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Subject: [Chrysler300] 1962 Power Rear Antenna Talk


Anyone know if a Rear Power Antenna out of a 1963 300 will bolt onto the 1962 300 rear fender? the Chrome Bezel attachment too different per the angle of the fender?

And....would anyone have a rear power antenna OR just the bezels for a 1962 300?


Matt Allyn


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