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RE: [Chrysler300] 300G Parts Wanted

For years I had the modified van molding installed on my G to replace the damaged original piece below the decklid across the back.  A couple of points to know.  First, the molding needs to be cut to fit, as it is too long right from the package, not really a big deal, I believe I used an abrasive wheel to do that.  The size though, is a bit smaller in cross section so that it went under the rear taillight housings, rather than over the housings, like the stock piece.  I had it on the car all the way up to about 2005, and no one ever pointed it out at any show I took it to, it just looked stock. I may have the part number somewhere in my files, but it was back in the early '80s that I installed it, so I doubt the piece would be found easily, I believe it was from an early to mid '70s Dodge van.


Bob J


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It would be great to identify the actual van make/model/year to see if we can find any NOS/used in better shape than the dinged up units on our G cars.  Is this a possible choice for a future club reproduction item?  Seems like all G owners have this same problem to one extent or another.  I'd certainly buy one for my car.


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There is a dodge van that uses the same cross section molding, runs down the side of the van...I had that problem on a G long ago..they are all wrecked on most G . I wish I could remember more ..maybe 70’s 80’s van ; you can cut to length. Maybe it helps.



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I am searching for the following for my 300G.


The long straight Stainless Steel trunk moulding. Its the upper moulding that runs from tail light to tail light. I would like to find one that is Dent FREE and Not Bent..


I also need the grille Horizontal Bars that are in excellent condition or ones that are not broken and pit-free that I can have re-chromed.


Please contact me with what you have.


Thanks and have a great day  !!!


Charlie Valentine



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