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Re: [Chrysler300] 300G Parts Wanted

It is more involved than just a pie cut as the ends on the correct factory piece are capped.  The wagon piece is open and mates to another piece that wraps around to the fenders.  Someone with talent would have to address making the ends and I don't know that the rear piece is long enough to accommodate that.

I checked our '55 NY T&C and also our C300 and they appear to be the same rear piece as are the wrap arounds.  One would have to check a parts book to see if those two center pieces are in fact the same.

John Lazenby

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Similarly, I’m told that a replacement for the C-300/300B (only) SS strip that goes across the front of the car just above the front bumper and under those great grille halves can be fabricated from the straight piece that goes across the back of the car just above the back bumper.  Make a pie cut in the center to facilitate making the shallow bend for the front piece.  The rear SS trim pieces appear to be present on all 1955 Chryslers and ’56 Chrysler wagons.
Rich Barber
Brentwood, CA
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It would be great to identify the actual van make/model/year to see if we can find any NOS/used in better shape than the dinged up units on our G cars.  Is this a possible choice for a future club reproduction item?  Seems like all G owners have this same problem to one extent or another.  I'd certainly buy one for my car.
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There is a dodge van that uses the same cross section molding, runs down the side of the van...I had that problem on a G long ago..they are all wrecked on most G . I wish I could remember more ..maybe 70’s 80’s van ; you can cut to length. Maybe it helps.
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I am searching for the following for my 300G.
The long straight Stainless Steel trunk moulding. Its the upper moulding that runs from tail light to tail light. I would like to find one that is Dent FREE and Not Bent..
I also need the grille Horizontal Bars that are in excellent condition or ones that are not broken and pit-free that I can have re-chromed.
Please contact me with what you have.
Thanks and have a great day  !!!
Charlie Valentine

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." ... Thomas Jefferson 


Posted by: John Lazenby <french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx>

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