Re: [Chrysler300] Possible Reproduction for 1957 Chrysler's
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Re: [Chrysler300] Possible Reproduction for 1957 Chrysler's

I would take 2 pair

On Jun 2, 2016, at 1:08 PM, Anna F Noia sa-noia@xxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Gary, & All
I could also use panels, mine are definitely weathered but will use because I have too. Also, I have two '57 300's and may need two  sets. This assumes I actually do both, should start on #1, this summer (hopefully?) What is your time frame for these items? Good Luck, make sure you contact all of us with a time line when it's determined. Again, Thanks for you efforts.
Best Regards,
Stephen A. Noia
1-408-210-4736 cell

On Thursday, June 2, 2016 9:41 AM, "'Gary Nelson' gnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300]" <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Josh, 
Great project. I know of no one producing panels. 100 sets sounds like a good target but, could be larger market? Will you plate with “bright dip” like Chrysler did? 
Please put me in for 2 sets.
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 10:17 AM
Subject: [Chrysler300] Possible Reproduction for 1957 Chrysler's
Hello Everyone,
Recently I posted this question on the Forward Look forum and had a good response to it.  So now I am posing it to the group that would probably have the best input and opinion on the subject.  
I am currently looking at reproducing the aluminum panel found on the door panel, behind the door handle, on the 1957 Chrysler 300 and New Yorker.  First off, I want to make extra sure that nobody is currently working on this project.  If you or someone you know is working on this, please let me know.  ; Secondly, what do you all feel the demand would be for these panels?  Would 100 pairs seem like enough or not enough?  I have hopes of being able to tool and produce 100 pairs and sell them for around $175 a pair.  If anyone has opinions or information they would like to share on the subject, please let me know.
I greatly appreciate everyone's help and cooperation on this project.
Thank you,
Josh Mishler 


Posted by: Mike McCandless <my65cuda@xxxxxxx>

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