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Re: [Chrysler300] no title...what to do

I'm in Mass too and my K came with no paperwork.  I just had a friend in New Hampshire register it.  No sales tax, no insurance.   When I am ready to register it, or more accurately,  it is ready to be registered, I will just buy back it from her. Mass will accept just a registration on a car that old and issue a title.   Maine changed their laws and now require titles for anything newer than '97 but anything before that is a snap to register. You do have to show it is insured and pay a sales tax, but they have no idea on values and you can tell them a letter car was $800 and they will accept it. 

Russ Vaughan


On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:25 PM, 'John Grady' jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In some states,  you do not even need a sales tax. They do not have one.


Only motive in all this is revenue gain to state ; aka collect taxes. . Zero motive or thought about title implications that would bother us, as collectors ---it is all about sales tax and penalties. Yet they call themselves RMV, Which is about stolen cars.


They kill you in Mass, add sales tax , BIG penalties,  compounded,  can get to 15-20k on a 300f not titled for 25 years. They use today’s value (!!!!) out of a book,  and not paid for that long (only in Taxachusetts) You simply did not need a title then in Mass; but there was a sales tax you paid,  happened when registering it, not a separate transaction. I thought of it as another line item when you register your car, like proof of insurance . Everybody did.  . I stored it. So inadvertently did not pay a reasonable sales tax at the time.. couple of hundred? No discount for a rusted out parts car vs perfect car on “value” ==”Pay max first” , then argue. . Appealed formally with photos, rusted out car with broken windows, and lost,  on that issue. No time or $ for lawyers. So, No title …on a car I legitimately bought and own. Aggravation and “attitude” abound , all around this issue. 2 hour wait at RMV to then be straight-armed. Some cars I bought had old titles, so can resell, but not register. Get a title!! For tax reasons, not title reasons.


Some of this paraphrasing  experience , not an expert.


Some guy in Alabama does it for a fee, 1500 (?) comes to mind for Alabama title. But I agree on this one ---if a dealer, he CAN get a title on a legitimate car. Watch out,  stolen or totaled out flood car.


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It's easy in New York State for a car made before 1975(before titles were issued)...and may be as well in other states. All you used to need was a handwritten bill of sale, a rubbing or photo of the VIN plate, a weight verification(if the vehicle model was not in the DMV database- like a truck which you would take and get weighed at a scale)  and some forms filled out. They will then issue a non-transferable registration immediately after you pay the sales tax (the most important thing that they are interested in!)and send you a transferable registration(which functions as a Title) in 30-60 days when the transfer of ownership and research of prior ownership is complete (lien search, etc.).

Good luck,

John Kuegel, 300F 



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You should be able to have your DOMV do a lost title search.

The guy you bought the car from should foot the bill, if any, for this unless you bought the car s salvage, in which case the original

title is probably history. There are probably rules and regs about selling a vehicle w/o proper title.

I know, here in Iowa at least, you need the title in order to deliver a car to a crusher or junk yard.

Good uck!

You are probably gonna need it, depending which state you are in.

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Hello Group
I purchased a 67 New Yorker fasttop in very nice condition, but there is no title or registration. Car had always been in the hand of a car dealer, so it was used on dealer plates. Or so is what I have been told.The seller will write me a notarized bill of sale. How can I get a title? I know it's a PITA....but really like the car and would go to the extra effort to get plates for the car. Thank you

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Posted by: Russell Vaughan <russ300@xxxxxxxxx>

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