RE: [Chrysler300] Sway Bar bushings for '64K
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RE: [Chrysler300] Sway Bar bushings for '64K

Not a direct answer Hugh, but check with PST (performance suspension technology) they probably have the parts but do not list them by size. I had similar problems ,and although it took some back and forth,  solved this some years back. I did not save the data. They are a little disorganized, do not list the bushings directly by size, rather by “application” which did not reach back to 300’s. . I told them to do that, list them by size!! . Fewer sales glossy’s and more data.


The bar thickness is part of a balanced handling design. I would not change it. It can cause under or oversteer. Stiffer in NOT better,  always.  But new bushings and metal holders can be urethane, stiffer location of original bar, and thus better. Sometimes urethane squeeks. They have ‘graphite lubed urethane” it still squeaked some. I put silicone grease on bar at install , fixed that. … hope the info helps you.




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I am working to find the proper bushings for the sway bar in my car (the frame mount).  Mine were original, and in dire need of replacement.  It appears to be an original sway bar, at just under ¾” in diameter.  My mechanic finally came up with an elusive part number (“K7061-MOOG) supposed to be correct, but they came in and are sized for a 7/8” bar. 


Does anyone have the proper bushings on hand?  The sway bar appears rather insubstantial, is there a recommendation for a source of a beefed-up sway bar that would fit?  Then I would need the bushings for it, which would come with it if it were aftermarket. 


You help would be appreciated-


Hugh Baldus




Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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