[Chrysler300] '64 K Trans Bushing needed
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[Chrysler300] '64 K Trans Bushing needed

My transmission is apart, and there is a part I need to complete the assembly.  It is a bushing in the throttle position linkage.  I can provide a photo outside of the List server if someone needs more clarity.  Someone fabricated a rubber one last time everything was apart in the 80’s, and it needs upgraded/replaced.  Thanks-


Hugh Baldus



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I agree with that 100%, John, but if putting on a new bar while rebuilding a 300 car, all apart anyway, why not go for an evolved solution?

I also agree, totally(!) not worth doing that “to improve handing” on a driving assembled car ; post did not say sway or torsion, just ‘bars” are heavier. How much heavier ?*** is why I was asking for diameter. I put SS Hemicuda race springs on the back of a 67 dart GT I own, I really like the change to stiffer spring rates, but a 4500-5000 lb car is not going to suddenly handle differently , (which might not be “better”) unless drastic changes, which might bring other issues .The early 300’s seem to use very stiff springs (55-58) as primary better handling approach, while the F and up are more balanced ; an evolution toward a nicer ride? But I like the stiff springing. So what is “a good handling car” gets into personal preferences too. But by 62 -64 they had to have this nailed. And sway bar stiffness (diameter) a very important part of that evolution, and used with which torsion bar diameter. .

I often wonder too about claims made for shocks. They are not “shocks” in the sense of smoothing it, per se (strong shocks transmit MORE shock/wheel movement and force to frame !) , but are really dampers , primarily to keep car from bouncing on springs freely. (the history of them ) . But they evolved (due to marketing?) as some magic answer to handling. .All they do is resist motion/ absorb energy (especially fast motion) from car bouncing or moving on suspension , but only for maybe a second till extended to new place. Important function in a sudden move , or sudden corner--- effectively stiffen the spring for a very short time in aggressive driving. Not taking any sides about it, but I can personaaly sense no real difference between the best NAPA shocks and fancy “gas” shocks, all that stuff. And the ones recommended for a while on site are too short and bottom out, start leaking. (been there) The NAPA listed replacements (57 300) were an inch longer travel. Shocks sort of work ---or are worn out/leaked. But sure do sense stiffer springing.

Your comment on suspension parts ---especially the big bushing and K frame pin at front of torsion bar that you cannot see--are right on. Twice I was snookered by those being no good ---but all the easy front end stuff was ‘new” as car was bought ; if worn or loose big pivot , alignment goes all over the place as lower control arm wanders …..brings on shimmy etc same with strut arm bushings; one clue is wheel / tire can hit something in front fender at full steering cut. Because it is not where it is supposed to be. Also had one with a badly bent big pin (big pothole?)

*** reminds me of the hundreds of times like Hot Rod magazine would say “recurve your distributor” (advice from the expert on high) with no data AT ALL about timing vs RPM..ever. Even the DC kit does not have that info. Drives you crazy, in a way you know less after, than you did before someone told you that. “trust me, it s good for you, that kit” . Right.

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I've found good shocks and radial tires are the biggest game changers. Messing with sway bars or torsion bars not so much bang for the effort. Check bushings on strut rods and sway bars as well.

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The torsion bars or sway bars?

How thick is largest front sway bar they used?

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The bars on the “H” are larger.

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I have a 300H coup and a 62 - 300 Sport conv. and notice no difference in handling.

I believe that the difference in torsion bars would not come into play during normal or moderately aggressive driving.

Both of my cars have anti-sway bars - does yours?

New gas shocks also could help.

If your car has high mileage, you may have badly worn front steering components.

Doug Warrener

Fair Oaks, CA


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Can anyone tell me the difference between the sport and the H torsion bars and shocks? Also any other parts that would improve the handling on the sport. Would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

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Posted by: Hugh Baldus <Hugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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